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Archaeology 101 Films Presents: "Inside Jerusalem"

17 Dec 2010, Jerusalem, Israel -- Archaeology 101 Films Presents: a new archaeology and adventure documentary film production company, introduces a new educational, documentary film titled: Inside Jerusalem: Identity and the Ancient Past filmed at the exciting, new archaeological site of Khirbet Qeiyafa by and with archaeologists during the excavation season of July and afterwards in Jerusalem and Qumran in August 2010. An educational film for gifted students in high-school and introductory level college courses that teaches basic facts of the archaeology and history of Jerusalem. Two world class scholars and recipients of the Israel Prize in 2009, archaeologist Amihai Mazar and biblical scholar Emanuel Tov, present a neutral point of view on the archaeology and history of Jerusalem. Also, personal interviews at Khirbet Qeiyafa and how it relates to Jerusalem with excavators Yossi Garfinkel and Michael Hasel. Hosted and narrated by Shani Atias, a young model and trained actress born and raised in Israel's most integrated Arab-Jewish city of Haifa. 62 minutes. High-Definition video download and DVD with educational resources for classroom use. Promotional T-shirts availabe at ArchaeologyT-shirts.com Directed by Peter Hagyo-Kovacs | Director of Photography Ruben Salvadori | Original Soundtrack by Todd Maki
Release April 2011 in HD | Trailer Release 17 December 2010

Visit film Website for Updates and Trailer: InsideJerusalemFilm.com

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